Romanowski Method in Body Psychotherapy

Romanowski Method - A Body Psychotherapy 

In the root of our health problems, emotional, mental and personal limitations are emotional blockages supported with our beliefs which are stored in different parts of our body. 

 helps the release of these blockages, enables free flow of healing energy (pranas) and restoration of energy channels (nadis). 

Within the Field of healing life purpose and new ways in life could be better perceived.

Emotions stored in muscles and other body tissues are released through therapist's energy supported bodywork/massage with breathing (Romanowski method). 

Light oriental chiropractic Yumeiho is used in Body Psychotherapy to adjust and open atlas (first vertebrae), spine vertebra's, hip bone, ligaments and tendons. Through this central body weight balance is better aligned.

Romanowski Method helps to remove traumatic blockages in our muscles which can help discovering Essence state of one's being and much more.

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Sound Healing with voice and Tibetan Bowls helps promotion of energy flow through organs and energyses etheric energy field of health.

For best results Body Psychotherapy is done in three 1 - 2 hour session.

Lenght of one sessin is 1 - 2 hours depending on need of client. Stuctural diagnostic and interview with client is done before session.

Svemir Ayan Vranko with client- Body Psychotherapy - Founder

Body Psychotherapy

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"If we reach inner peace cancer can be cured, sight can be brought back and paralysys can dissapear."

dr. Bernie S. Siegel, "Love, Medicine & Miracles" Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc. 1986,Croatian Edition, page 119